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Knee pain: a summary

Every day our knees move repetitively, bear weight and absorb impact It is little wonder that our knees experience a variety of painful conditions, all with their own causes and treatments. Here is a brief summary of the main types and causes of knee pain. Patella tendinopathy Commonly known as jumper’s knee, patella tendinopathy is an […]

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Running pre-training tips

Fitness, in whatever form you wish to do, is definitely an activity that should be encouraged in all of us, no matter the age. But unfortunately it’s often not as simple as deciding to ‘get fit’. To avoid injury, we can help you assess your foot and lower limb mechanics.

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How do broken bones heal?

A summer shower had swept though earlier in the evening, the hot day was cooled and the dry grass was refreshed by the deluge. On my walk I slipped on the wet grass, felt a crack in my left ankle and the next thing I remember I was on the ground, embarrassed and in pain.

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