Knee pain

Do you have pain around and under your knee cap?

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors including bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, tears in the ligaments, or menisci (osteoarthritis of the joint) or infection – and very commonly by condition known as runner’s knee.

Commonly seen and treated by our podiatrists, runner’s knee, or patella femoral syndrome, is often an alignment problem in the knee which stems from poor foot posture. As the foot moves on the ground it sets up a chain reaction of movements throughout the body. If the foot is not aligned properly this can cause issues further up the lower limb, magnifying as the movement or rotation travels up to the knee.

How do we identify the source of knee pain?

Correctly identifying your particular kind of knee pain is vital to effective treatment. We use a thorough biomechanical assessment to identify whether structural issues such as poor foot posture are the cause of your knee pain.

How do we treat and prevent runner’s knee?

Orthotic therapy is a most effective treatment for this type of condition. Our specially customised foot orthotics enhance the alignment of the foot and underlying biomechanical cause of the condition and encourage a more efficient knee alignment during walking and running.

Appropriate footwear is important in preventing runner’s knee pain. Our podiatrists, who focus on biomechanics, are experts in shoe recommendation, and can assist you with an appropriate and comfortable footwear selection.

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