Two podiatry clinics in the northern suburbs of Sydney

  • Andrew Scown

Our podiatrists diagnose and treat foot, lower limb and postural problems in Lane Cove and Brookvale

The Foot Group has podiatry clinics in Brookvale and Lane Cove, Sydney, New South Wales.

At The Foot Group we have built a solid reputation amongst health professionals as being experts in our field. Our podiatrists employ a range of up-to-date techniques and the latest technology for biomechanical assessment, footwear advice, prescription of foot orthotics, diabetic foot assessment and general foot care. If you are looking for comprehensive and current advice on foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and other lower limb problems, we can help.

We also have the latest technology for clean, safe and extremely effective wart removal.

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Heel pain

Heel pain

Probably the most common painful condition we see but also is effectively treated

Children's podiatry

Children’s podiatry

Active growing feet can be injured by sports or badly fitted school shoes

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails

Avoid the pain and potential infection with fast, effective podiatric treatment


Wart removal

Our new SWIFT microwave wart removal system is safe, fast, clean and effective

Corns and callus

Corns and callus

Two different problems, both caused by friction on the skin of the foot

Ankle injuries – The Foot Group

Ankle injuries

Our podiatrists can diagnose and address the many potential causes of ankle pain

Knee pain

Knee pain

Correctly identifying your particular type of knee pain is vital to effective treatment

Diabetic foot care

Diabetic foot care

Podiatric care of diabetic feet is extremely important for mobility and good health

Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical assessment

We assess the alignment and movement of the foot and lower leg by digital video gait analysis and computerised foot pressure analysis


Foot orthotics

In shoe prescription, orthotic devices help alleviate the pain caused by abnormal alignment of the foot and lower limb

Footwear advice

Footwear advice

Even grown-ups may need advice on properly fitted footwear from our podiatrists

COVID-19 infection control at The Foot Group

As the prevalence of COVID-19 increases in our community many of us are understandably concerned. We want to assure our patients that as healthcare practitioners we take the risk of infection incredibly seriously and are doing all we can to minimise the risk of transmission within our clinics. We are (using hospital-grade sanitising wipes):

  • • Cleaning down patient treatment chairs between each patient;
  • • Cleaning treatment surfaces thoroughly between each patient;
  • • Cleaning common surfaces regularly throughout the day and thoroughly at the end of each day; and
  • • Wiping door handles and flat services throughout the day and thoroughly at the end of each day.

In addition, we are:

  • • At both our clinics, keeping windows and outside doors open to allow fresh air to circulate
  • • Providing hand sanitiser for patients to use;
  • • Asking any of our patients who have returned from overseas recently or are unwell to reschedule their appointments; and
  • • Closely monitoring the health of our staff.

These measures are on top of our standard sterilisation and hygiene practices we already employ as qualified podiatrists.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and adopt any new measures deemed necessary to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff.