Why everything you thought about running is wrong

How do you know if your are running the “right” way?

Running is one of the most natural forms of human movement. It is the basis of all sports and exercise and usually the first thing that a person does when they want to get fitter.

While most of us can run (not that we necessarily want to), not everyone is doing it effectively or efficiently. If you look online there are many people preaching the “correct technique” from where you should strike, where you should land and what you should be doing with your knees, hips and head! It can all be very confusing. As podiatrist, we get asked all the time about running techniques.

So what does science say?!

Recently the ABC published an in-depth article, told with lots of great animation, pulling apart the techniques of two different runners with the aim of finding the best way to run.

See ‘Why everything you thought about running is wrong’ at the ABC

To summarise, according to biomechanist Dr Aaron Beach from the New South Wales Institute of Sport, there is no “right” way to run.

Rather than prescribed a perfect running style, Biomechanist Dr Aaron Beach and Richard Windybank (a podiatrist with a master’s degree in exercise and sport science) instead offer the following tips:

  • Don’t sink: run tall and be light
  • Try shortening your strides by increasing the frequency
  • Be high in your hips; don’t stick out your bum
  • Kiss the ground; don’t bash it
  • And (this one will surprise you) don’t think about your feet.

See an interview with Dr Aaron Beach on ABC News

And happy running!

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