CASE STUDY: Verruca (Plantar Wart) Treatment – A SWIFT Success

SWIFT treatment for Plantar Warts

Verruca (also known as Plantar Warts) are a common condition affecting kids and adults alike. At the Foot Group we have been using the SWIFT microwave therapy system to treat verruca with great success. Spencer Deck explains a recent case where he removed a patient’s stubborn and persistent plantar wart.

Other treatments tried and failed

A female patient (we’ll call her Lisa) presented to our Lane Cove clinic with a large and sore mosaic verruca on her left little toe. The verruca had been present for up to ten years, causing pain and discomfort when wearing shoes and exercising. Lisa had visited her GP and other health practitioners over the ten years to try to remove the verruca. During this time she tried a number of commonly used treatments such as Wart Cryotherapy, salicylic acid, over the counter home treatments and even surgical removal. However, despite all these treatments and her best efforts, the verruca kept returning.

Using the SWIFT microwave therapy system

Having had no success with other treatments Lisa came to us with a real determination to get rid of this once and for all. Spencer assessed the lesion and determined that SWIFT microwave therapy was the best course of action. As the verruca was quite large, there needed to be four application locations. Each application took no more than five minutes and no dressing was required. Also making it easier, SWIFT treatment requires no at home or post application care.

One month later Lisa returned for her second treatment – this time the verruca had changed, coming to the surface. Spencer debrided the verruca and then reapplied the SWIFT therapy.

On Lisa’s final presentation for treatment the verruca was noticeably smaller and had clear indication of an immune reaction. Spencer then debrided the verruca and applied the SWIFT therapy one last time.


At her last three month follow up the verruca had completely disappeared and there was no more pain. Lisa noted that about a month after the final application the rest of the verruca just fell off.

Lisa was incredibly pleased to have finally removed the unsightly and painful verruca, something she was beginning to think might never be achieved. Not only did the SWIFT microwave therapy resolve this seemingly unresolvable stubborn verruca; success was achieved with minimal impact on day to day life. There were no dressings to be kept dry or reapplied, no invasive debridement and no post application pain.

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