Wart removal

A cleaner, faster and more effective treatment for plantar wart removal

The amazing SWIFT microwave therapy system is now available at The Foot Group. This revolutionary new technology has an 83% success rate for complete removal of warts (verruca lesions). The treatment, which takes mere seconds, applies microwaves to the wart to kill it. Most warts are removed within just three treatments.

Safe, fast and as painless as possible

This new and innovative treatment has been rigorously tested in the UK to ensure the highest possible levels of patient safety. It delivers microwaves to an exact depth, creating a very precise zone of heat which kills the wart. Because the surrounding tissue is hardly affected, patient discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. At just a few seconds per wart, treatment time is extremely short. There is no burning of the warts, eliminating the health hazards associated with smoke. No follow-up action is required of the patient.

How do the microwaves work?

Microwaves sit between radio waves and infrared waves (300MHz to 300GHz) in the electromagnetic spectrum. SWIFT specifically operates at 8GHz. The rapid cyclic waveform of a microwave causes water molecules to vibrate and collide, causing heat. Microwaves agitate water molecules within skin cells without causing damage to DNA.

The effect on warts of the SWIFT microwave process

SWIFT microwaves penetrate only to a predetermined depth with no lateral splay of energy and they don’t break the surface of the skin like other treatments can. SWIFT microwave therapy also facilitates the immune system to recognise and fight the HPV virus that causes the warts.

Case study from SWIFT trials

SWIFT case study

Above: Patient with a severely anhidrotic verruca lesion on the left plantolateral heel with significant deep fissuring. After 3 Swift treatments, the lesion was completely cleared within 12 weeks.

See the SWIFT technology in action

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