Coastrekker tips

Make your Coastrek experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with these tips from the podiatrists at The Foot Group

Coastrek 2016 – which foot has our blister prevention plan?1. What’s the number one footer tip for a Coastrekker?

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

  • Your feet need time to adapt as you train
  • You need to identify your risk of overuse injuries & blisters

2. How can I avoid getting blisters?

The key to avoiding blisters during Coastrek is to have a blister prevention strategy

  • Time on your feet in footwear being worn for event day is a basic blister prevention requirement to allow your skin to adapt to pressure and loads.
  • If adaption isn’t enough and you are at risk of blisters forming you need to choose early on in training whether you are going to use lubricants or blister prevention taping techniques. Ask us at The Foot Group about our free training sessions in the lead-up to the big event!

3. What are some things that I can try out in training to get my footgear right?

  • Shoe selection, fit and lacing each contribute to your comfort during training and the event.
  • Moisture-wicking socks such as merino wool or high tech synthetic.
  • Even try double socks.
  • Cushioned insoles and foot orthotics – make sure that you see your podiatrist early if you have any niggling foot issues.
  • Also see us at The Foot Group if you have old foot orthotics that may need replacing. There is nothing worse on event day than an ill-fitting orthotic.

4. What type of footwear should I wear for Coastrek?

  • Footwear should be designed for trail running/walking.
  • Footwear should be cushioned, stable, have a good grip and be comfortable at initial fit.
  • Don’t try new footwear just prior to or on the day of the event … it does happen!
  • A second pair is recommended for training and the event day.

Get your Coastrek team members “up to speed” on preventing blisters and foot taping at The Foot Group!

At our FREE workshop* we’ll show you all you should know about:

  • Footwear Shoe fit and lacing, moisture-wicking socks, orthotics & cushioned insoles
  • Skin Adaptation, taping & blister patches, lubricants
  • Activity Training regimen & technique

To arrange your team’s pre-Coastrek workshop, contact or 9938 2222

*Can be claimed on each participant’s health fund, or provided free to those with no cover – please enquire at time of booking

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